Proposed Connection Policies

Proposed Service Connection Policies

The Selectboard and Task Force have prepared the following guidance to help residents and property owners understand their options and responsibilities regarding public infrastructure. These policies will be reviewed and refined as we gain experience with the system.

Basic Principles and Assumptions

  1. For both water and wastewater, connecting to the system will be voluntary, except in a case of a failed on-site wastewater systsem where a health hazard exists and the property owner has no other viable means of correcting the hazard.
  2. The Town will install sewer pipes within the right-of-way to as much of the service area as practical; some areas may be deferred due to funding limitations.
  3. The Town will install sewer connections at its expense to the edge of the right-of-way for all properties that commit to service at the onset of the project.  The Town may, at its discretion, install service pipes or sleeves for other properties to avoid opening the public road in the future.  The property owner who uses that connection in the future will be required to pay a connection fee to the Town based on the Rate Schedule at the time of connection.
  4. There may be circumstances where the public mains will run in an easement for that purpose; the Town will use its discretion regarding the extent of public mains to install to facilitate connections.
  5. Property owners will be responsible for the portion of pipes, fittings, surface restoration, and plumbing connections on their own property.
  6. Installation of connection work on private property will be done by pre-qualified contractors, will need to meet strict specifications, be tested, and certified acceptable to the Town.
  7. Property owners within the service area who choose or are required to continue use of their existing on-site septic system will be subject to Town Policy and Ordinance, which will require a Town-operated monitoring service for a fee.


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