Boards, Commissions, & Committees


It is the policy of the Waitsfield Selectboard, that the terms of office for persons appointed by the Board to fill statutory offices or serve on Town boards, commissions and committees, shall run through the first organizational meeting of the Selectboard following Town Meeting in the year the appointment is set to expire. Upon motion of the Selectboard at its organizational meeting, expiring terms may be extended to such time as successors may be chosen, in recognition of the need to avoid unnecessary vacancies in important town offices and of the Board's need for time to recruit and select successors.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify letters of appointment issued on behalf of the Board, which indicate that terms of office run through Town Meeting, and to assure that essential offices are not left vacant between Town Meeting Day and the first meeting of the Selectboard following Town Meeting.

Exceptions to this policy shall include the Zoning Administrator, Fire Warden, Town Service Office, Health Officer, and Fire Department officers, whose terms are otherwise determined by statute or practice.

Adopted this 6th day of March, 2006.

/s/ Elwin Neill, Jr.
/s/ Roy Hadden
/s/ Paul Hartshorn
/s/ Charles Hosford
/s/ Sal Spinosa