Road Department

The Town of Waitsfield maintains approximately 30 miles of roads within the town boundaries with a 3-person Road Department.

Town of Waitsfield
List of State and Town Highways and Names
Length in MilesRoad Name
Class 2Class 3Class 4
14.05  Bridge Street (VT RTE 100 to TH#3)
East Warren Road (TH#3 to Warren town line)
20.70  North Fayston Road
34.70  Joslin Hill Road (TH#1 to TH#4 &16)
North Road (TH#4 & 16 to Moretown town line)
4 2.80 Common Road
6 0.60 Airport Road
7 0.70 Center Fayston Road
8 0.35 Meadow Road
9 0.70 Meadow Road
10 0.52(0.58)Floodwoods Road
11 0.10 Armstrong Road
12 0.95 Old County Road
13  (0.09) 
14 0.35(0.05)Old Center Fayston Road
15 0.81 Tremblay Road
16 1.5(1.79)East Road (TH#3 to TH#10)
Ronk Road (TH#10 to Northfield town line)
17 0.07 Part of TH#16, East Road
18 0.10 Part of TH#4, Common Road
19 0.20 Bushnell Road
20 0.75 Long Road
21  (0.45)Reed Road
22 0.06 Farr Lane (municipal parking lot)
23 0.20 Carroll Road
24 0.13 Bragg Hill Road
25 0.20 Hastings Road
26 1.45 Brook Road
27 0.70 Cross Road
28 0.68(0.96)Palmer Hill Road
29 0.31(1.79)Dana Hill Road (VT RTE 17 to Camel's Hump Forest)
Butternut Hill Road (VT RTE 100 to Butternut Hill Condos)
30 0.28 Kingsbury Road
31 0.99(0.54)Rolston Road
32 0.22 Bundy Road
33   Steinway Road
34 0.39 Ryle Road
35 0.93(0.30)Sherman Road
36  (0.50)Bowen Road
37 0.60 Parsonage Lane
38 0.18(0.03)Dugway Road
39 0.10 Lareau Road
40 1.09(0.08)Ski Valley Road
Schuss Road
Snowshoe Drive
41 0.09  
42 0.35 Palmer Lane
43 0.17 Raphael Road
44 0.19 Slow Road
45 0.34 Pine Brook Road
46 0.49 Sugar Glen Drive
47 0.41 Riverview Road
48 0.33 Wallis Drive
 7.58  VT Route 100
 0.196  VT Route 17
 0.050  VT Route 17 Ramp
  29.67Total Town Road Miles
 7.826  Total State Road Miles
Source: Vermont Agency of Transportation, Town of Waitsfield General Highway Map, 2007; Road names from documents in Town Office
Town of Waitsfield Town Highway Map

Pavement or Gravel?

"VLCT asked the Vermont Local Roads Program for advice for towns that might be weighing the relative costs and benefits of paving their dirt roads, especially in light of recent winter temperature fluctuations.  We thank Hank Lambert, Co-director of the Program, for sharing the following advice and resources:  As the volumes and weights of traffic increase, the cost of maintaining a road also increases.  Since every road is built differently, and acts differently, each road must be assessed individually.  Engineers seem to agree that traffic volumes of 400 to 500 vehicles per day on a gravel road indicate it is time to upgrade the road to include paving.  A 2005 research paper by the University of Minnesota addresses the issue of paved versus gravel roads.  It is called Economics of Upgrading an Aggregate Road and can be found at: The Vermont Local Roads Program also addresses the topic in a fact sheet When to Pave a Gravel Road, which can be found at"

Source: VLCT May 2007 Newsletter

Weight Limits

Under State law, there is a 24,000 pound weight limit on town highways unless other weight limits are established.  An excess weight permit is required to drive trucks with a gross load of more than 24,000 lbs. over town highways (except on designated truck routes).  Excess weight permits are not valid for travel over posted bridges or wooden bridges.

Five bridges have been posted with the following weight limits:

01C84Bridge Street6,000 lbs.
29B22Butternut Hill Road16,000 lbs.
16B21East Road16,000 lbs.
08B24Meadow Road16,000 lbs.
03C820North Road20,000 lbs.
Historic Waitsfield Big Eddy Covered Bridge


Road Foreman


Town Garage
761 Tremblay Road
Waitsfield, VT 05673

Phone: (802) 496-8897

Waitsfield Town Office
4144 Main Street
Waitsfield, VT 05673

Phone: (802) 496-2218
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Road Commissioner


Waitsfield Town Office
4144 Main Street
Waitsfield, VT 05673
Phone: (802) 496-3914 (home/business)