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Agendas, minutes, and notices of various Waitsfield boards, commissions, and committees can be found at Agendas & Minutes.


Charter for the Town of Waitsfield - February 25, 1782 by Governor Thomas Chittenden

Grand List

Excel spreadsheet from Vermont Assessor Web site


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Minutes, agendas, and notices can be found at Agendas & Minutes or on the Approval of Minutes part of agendas of the respective boards' on-line agendas.


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Permit Applications

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Scenic Roads Enhancement and Protection Plan, Adopted by the Selectboard October 9, 2006
Waitsfield Pre-Hazard Mitigation Plan, Adopted by the Selectboard November 22, 2010
Waitsfield School District Travel Plan, May 2010

Adopted Town Plan 2017-2025 - Adopted December 18, 2017

Reports & Studies

Irasville & Waitsfield Village Wetland Analysis (2021).  The Town received a Municiapl Planning Grant from the VT Agency of Commerce and Community Development in 2020 to map and better understand the possible impacts of wetlands in the Irasivlle and Waitsfield Village areas.  An updated wetland map and associated report were produced by Arrowwood Environmental for Irasville & Waitsfield Village for the project.


Assessment of Decentralized Wastewater Options: A Survey of Needs, Capacity and Solutions for Historic Waitsfield Village and Irasville, Vermont, January 25, 2011 - Full document

Also available in the following sections:

Cover & Contents
Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Study Area Description
  3. Historic and Current Wastewater Treatment
  4. Needs Assessment
  5. Discussion of Wastewater Management Options
  6. Recommendations
  7. References

Figure 1. Location Map
Figure 2. Property Owner Survey Responses
Figure 3. Environmental Sensitivities
Figure 4. Current Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
Figure 5. Water Connection Status
Figure 6. Future Wastewater Treatment Options
Figure 7. Wastewater Capacity Needs


Table 1. Summary of Survey I Responses
Table 2. Summary of Survey II Responses
Table 3. Study Area Description
Table 4. Summary of Soil Characteristics Related to Onsite Wastewater Treatment
Table 5. Summary of Permit Information
Table 6. Summary of Needs Assessment Results, Waitsfield Village
Table 8. Summary of Needs Assessment Results


Appendix A. Waitsfield Planning Commission Wastewater Committee Members
Appendix B. Valley Reporter Articles and Letters
Appendix C. Onsite Wastewater Systems - Technologies, Components, Maintenance
Appendix D. VT Regulations for Soil-Based Wastewater Treatment Systems
Appendix E. Further Reading, Responsible Management Entities

Design Guidelines for Irasville Growth Center (Sellers) 2005

Integrating Economic and Demographic Projections into Growth Center Planning for Irasville, 2002, by Economic & Policy Resources, Inc.

Master Development Plan for the Irasville Growth Center, 2002 - Full document.  See below for appendices.

Or, available in the following sections:

Plan Cover & Contents
Opportunities & Constraints
III. Irasville Development Plan
Making it Happen
Appendices: Index
Appendix A. Irasville Growth Center Wetland Functional Evaluation
Appendix B. Quality Assurance Project Plan

  • Appendix A. Location Map; Stormwater runoff sampling locations in Irasville Growth Center
  • Appendix B. Endyne, Inc. QA/QC Plan; Standard Operating Procedures

Appendix C. Irasville Growth Center Stormwater Quality Monitoring
Appendix D. Irasville Survey Summary
Appendix E. Integrating Economic & Demographic Analysis in the Irasville Growth Center Master Plan
Appendix F. Town of Waitsfield Municipal Sewer Project of the Town of Waitsfield: Buildout and Wastewater Flow Analysis
Appendix G. Irasville Public Forums Information

Natural Heritage Element Inventory and Assessment for Waitsfield and Fayston, Vermont, produced by Arrowwood Environmental, April 13, 2007, for the Mad River Valley Planning District

Natural Heritage Element Inventory & Assessment - Apr. 2007
Because the document is so large, it is also available below in the following parts:


NHEIA Appendix 1 - Methodology
NHEIA Appendix 2- Summary Data Tables
NHEIA Appendix 3- Attribute Tables
NHEIA Map - Upland Natural Communities
NHEIA Map - Wildlife Habitat Elements
NHEIA Map - Wetland Natural Communities

Natural Community Inventory of the Waldron, Austin, and Tardy Tracts - 2006
• Inventory Map

Residential Hamlet Study (Burnt Rock) 2005

Scrag Forest Bird Habitat Inventory & Management Recommendations, 2007, by Audubon of Vermont

Scrag Forest Management Plan, December 2012, by the Waitsfield Conservation Commission with Kristen Sharpless

Scrag Forest Stewardship Plan, November 7, 2012

Scrag Mountain Natural Resources Inventory, 2008, by Arrowwood Environmental
Natural Communities Map

Town Meeting Research Group Report - 2014

Waitsfield Village Parking and Pedestrian Circulation Study, 2006, by Resource Systems Group, the Mad River Valley Planning District, and the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission.

Waitsfield Village Parking and Pedestrian Circulation Study, 2006, by Resource Systems Group, the Mad River Valley Planning District, and the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission.

Wu Ledges Audubon Bird Habitat Assessment and Management Recommendations - 2008

Wu Ledges LANDS Trail Inventory and Assessment - 2013