Board of Civil Authority

The members of the Board of Civil Authority include members of the Selectboard, the elected Justices of the Peace, and the Town Clerk. The BCA has the following responsibilities:

  • reviewing and approving applications for addition to the voter checklist;
  • purging the checklist every two years;
  • to provide help with running elections (such as assistance during voting hours, tallying ballots at the close of the election); and
  • hearing grievances from taxpayers (if the taxpayer disagrees with the Board of Listers decision on the property assessment).

Members and Terms

Justices of the PeaceTerm Expires
Zeke ChurchNov. 2014
Charles Goodman, IIINov. 2014
Andreas LehnerNov. 2014
Mary LehnerNov. 2014
Jim LeytonNov. 2014
Helen MeyersNov. 2014
Jennifer PetersonNov. 2014


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