Annual Hydrant Flushing – week of 9/10-9/14

Water system operators will be performing annual hydrant flushing and valve exercising during the week of September 10th through September 14th. Annual hydrant flushing is a necessary preventative maintenance measure, helps maintain the integrity of water system infrastructure, and allows the system to continue providing the highest quality water to consumers. Large volumes of water will be released from each hydrant.

The system will be chlorinated at a low-level chlorine residual at least one week prior to flushing. During flushing, some water customers may experience water pressure fluctuation and/or discoloration. Those experiencing discolored water are advised to run a cold bath tub faucet or outdoor tap until water runs clear to remove any scoured minerals or particulates that may have been flushed into their service. Contact Town Administrator Trevor Lashua with questions or concerns at (802) 496-2218, ext. 5, or [email protected].